Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amazing Race!

Today, I had a very awful day. My morning began with Kaia and Jasmynn both crying and/or whining. I didn't stop till I finally got Kaia down for a nap. Which was a challenge in itself. I kid you not...crying and crying for five hours. After trying to get Kaia down the first time, I had just about had it and began to weep. Jasmynn in the mean time was whining about whatever she could whine about, which is anything and everything!!!

By 12:45 pm I marched right into my bedroom where my husband was still sound asleep and demanded he get up. Selfish? Maybe! But I was going to seriously loose it. He woke up, not a happy camper I might add, but he did. In about five minutes I was geared up and ready for my "personal race."

I took this time to just relax and pray for some patience. I ran one, then two and few more. I was almost there just a few more blocks back to "home sweet home." Yes, I did it!!! I was a winner. I had won fifty minutes of "me" time, fifty minutes of calories burned and the grand prize... fifty minutes of peace and quiet.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Strike A Pose

Our family got a chance to get away for the night. We have such a hard time planning much with Dave's line of work.

So, Thursday night I packed for the four of us and loaded up the car. I had a schedule and wanted to get on the road early next morning. Unfortunately, Dave worked 12 1/2 hours that day and only got two hours of sleep. He was a real trooper. We left right on schedule and I drove our family to the lovely Oregon Coast. We had a wonderful time and couldn't ask for better weather, well, I could, but, hey, it's the middle of March. When we got there it was blue sky and just a little bit of a breeze. We did some shopping, had lunch with my dad and played on the beach.

I was a bit embarrassed waiting for Dave to click the button. Jasmynn thought we were pretty cool though.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Night and Day

I have to say my girls are so opposite and very special in their own way.

Jasmynn is a very strong willed and whiny gal. She knows what she wants and doesn't give up until she gets it. Unfortunately we give in way too often just to get her to be quiet. Oh how I love her. She makes me angry but she can make me laugh hysterically at the same time. Jasmynn thinks she's a know it all and says the funniest things.

I have to share a comment she made the other day.

Having an almost seven year old, we watch a lot of "Hanna Montana." One of Hanna's saying is "sweet niblets," in her twiney voice. We've come to use that term quite a bit around the home. Anyhow, I said it to her the other day and she looks at me and in a very serious voice says, "Mom...niblets are the little parts of our boobs, huh?" Oh I laughed so hard and corrected her, "those are called NIPPLES."

Oh what a laugh!

Today she insisted we color eggs.

What in the world I thought to myself. Oh well, she thought she was stylin.
Check it out!

That dress you are seeing is her witch costume! Easter and Halloween? Okay...whatever!

Now Kaia is another story. She's definetley a mamas girls and is a very nurturing little gal. She likes to follow me around everywhere I go, including the bathroom. She's so cuddly, but a bit on the dependent side. I don't have a whole lot of time to myself unless she's sleeping. Sadly, I have to say it gets little annoying at times. I want her to be able to play independently but no, I have to be in sight at all times. I do need to enjoy it while I can because one day she may follow in her sisters foot steps. A big daddy's girl that Jasmynn is.

Here's a couple pictures of her playing "mommy."

And I think we might have a new blogger in the house:)

Bottom line, even though my two girls are very different, I love them both the same. So, so very much!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Private or Public

I have something that has been on my mind for quite some time.

I will confess to all you readers out there. "I DON'T PRAY IN PUBLIC OR OUT LOUD." Why you ask? I don't know. Let me take you back a few weeks ago. I was at a friends house, we were about to begin a video/bible study. She looked at me and asked if I would like to open us up in prayer. I gasped!!! I embarrassingly told her I wasn't comfortable and usually make it clear to small group leaders at the very beginning that I don't pray out loud. I was so embarrassed, but she kindly said she would say a prayer. "Go for it," I told her.

I hate that I cant pray. I do pray, don't get me wrong but not like others. It's a very private thing to me. As I pray I talk to him as a friend rambling on and on. I think he might be saying to himself, "come on Ona...spit it out." For this reason, I won't any time soon. Is this bad? Is there tricks to praying??? Am I just being a big wimp? forward a bit. The video was over and we discussed it a bit and then boom, she asked if I had any prayer requests. My sweet friend listened to my requests then a few seconds of silence that seemed like forever. "Oh, if you have any special prayer requests I can pray for you at my own house," I stupidly said to her. Goodness...I sounded like such a dummy!
She closed in prayer and sounded like a true angel. How in the heck do people make it sound so easy and let it flow out so graciously?

Seriously, I want to hear what your intake of this is and what you suggest.

P.S. You know who you are and are probably laughing out loud right now:) Thanks for not making a big deal about it or making me feel dumb.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Birthday Boy

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Tomorrow, the love of my life turns 34. It's great that he's only a couple weeks behind...I don't have to feel too old for too long. And he loves to say he's married to a older woman. May I add wiser, too :)

To my best friend,
Happy Birthday and I love you very much!!!
Your Wifey

Here's to getting old together!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diego Samuel Diaz

Okay...I have been patiently waiting for some photos of Baby Diego. Nothing! So I decided to go over to Meghan's and take a few pictures of her and her precious little boy. He is so darn cute!!!

I think Jasmynn would love a little brother. Wouldn't you all agree? (Just kidding Mom!)

Oh how it brings back wonderful memories of holding a newborn. I'm still constantly holding a 20 month old, but it's just not the same.

Maybe one more...maybe this time, a boy. Ya right!!! Not a chance...not three girls. Don't have enough patience. I'll just be knocking on Meghan's door everyday:)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pictures I thought I'd share

Saturday night we went over to some friends house for dinner. Wonderful dinner I might add.

We ended the night with the Wii. It's fun, but one sure looks silly when you're getting into it.

These two grown men were hilarious. They got so into it. I tried capturing somebetter snap shots but my camera is a bit slow.

Jon and Dave playing baseball.

Jasmynn bowling.

Myself trying to bowl and look non nonchalantly about it at the same time.

Jasmynn and Sarah posing knowing they were going to be blogged :)
She was so thrilled to have finally met Sarah. The two hit it off.

Olivia and Kaia.

These two were hilarious..they were so tired that they would make each other cry for no apparent reason and then they would go back to playing a little later.