Monday, July 28, 2008


Kaia's a ''big" girl and loving it!

Here she's showing off she can jump:)

Last night was Kaia's first night sleeping in her toddler bed and slept all night too. Hooray...I thought I might have to put her crib rail back up in the middle of the night. Nope, she surprised me!

I had planned on leaving her in a crib a bit longer but after a trip to "Ikea", I changed my mind.

Yesterday, we headed to "Ikea" and the little toddler beds were so adorable. I got the idea, "hey, maybe it's time to transition her into a "big girl" bed. Kaia chose her new bedding, I gave her a choice of three, and she chose "Hippos".

I had a different image of her room, but, oh well!

Here she is pretending to sleep.

I did choose a couple "girly" night lights. I just loved these the last time I was there. So, before bedtime or naps, she gets to choose which night light she would like to have on.

So far the flower has won 2 out of 3.

This afternoon, before nap time, she was so excited to hop into bed. Without being rocked or a cup of milk, she tucked herself in, I gave her a kiss and she put herself to sleep.

Tonight went well far that is!

(sigh!) She's growing up!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday Jasmynn had Sarah spend the night. The girls began there afternoon with a trip to the mall. I kindly asked the make up artist if the girls could get a make over. A little blue eye shadow, a touch of blush and a tad bit of clear lip gloss and voila!

Two Hot Mama's!

And of course, I couldn't leave without a few things myself.

After their make-over we headed to Bath & Body Works. The two took a bath in about 20 different scents. Wow!!!

No need for new refills of Wallflowers....they made my house smell like, well, not sure what scent, but it was good!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane!

The Directions:

1. Leave a comment on my blog. In the comment, recall one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Please be nice to me! :-)

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'd like to welcome my sister-in-law to Blog Land! It's taken her a while to get started, but, she's finally done it.

It's about time, Janell!!!

And no this is not Dave dressed up as a girl:)

If you have a chance, check her out at and introduce yourself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Last night I wore my first pair of Cowboy Boots! Dave and I got away for another evening of fun at a Toby Keith Concert. We had a great time.

I can remember as a young girl getting into my moms pair of black leather boots and strutting my stuff. As I went searching for my boots, my girls were intrigued with the idea as well. After buying mine, Jasmynn begged for a pair of cowboy boots for herself. Well we found some black ones for her, but it wasn't long until little sis the "shoe snatcher", slipped into them.

My boots!

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Jasmynn's Boots!

And Kaia strutting her stuff with Big Sis's boots!

I have to admit I kinda felt sexy in them!

Dave thought so too!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Girl Gone Boy Crazy!

It's weird to see my little girl go goo-goo over boys, celebrity boys that is. She's still pretty grossed about boys her own age...she goes for the older ones.

Here are a couple of her faves!

I have to admit she's got good taste:)

Watching her brings back memories of my first Celebrity Crush.

Can you guess who he is. I think it should be pretty easy.

Quotes that should help you.....

a. "You a real cowboy?"
b. "Well that depends on what you think a real cowboy is?"
a. "Know how to do 2-step?"
b. "You bet."

"Can you dig it? I knew that you could!"

"Up your nose with a rubber hose!"

"Uh, I'm not very hungry; just gimme a double Polar Burger wit' everything and a cherry soda wit' chocolate ice cream."

My first crush was?

And, who was you your first crush?

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This morning I got a good "run" in... but, very dang hot!!!
Today was my 13 mile run. I about cried my last two. I was so hot but, had chills all over my body. I'm not sure if I can do any more mileage. I should be working on a fifteen mile run in two weeks. Yikes!!!!

Today we decided to go to Brigeport Plaza. Well, there we "ran" into Becca and the twins. They are sooo cute. Kaia got to say hello to her little friends and share a few cheerios.

So then after, we were on our way to "run" a few errands and pick up something I had seen at Ikea last week.

However, we "ran" into a bit of a problem. My dad called and asked that we pick up Jasmynn. She was with grandpa again for another weekend but became a bit ill. She wanted to come home. So, we had to turn around. Thankfully we didn't have to speed race through the crazy traffic. My sister volunteered to pick her up for me and meet me at the house.

Now it's time to take a breather and take care of my baby girl.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last Week...

We partied!

We relaxed a bit.

Kaia danced with daddy at the riverfront like two hippies high on life.

And me....I got a another tattoo. Sorry Mom!

No pictures of Jasmynn! She enjoyed a weekend with Grandpa and her two cousins.

I have to admit, it was kinda peaceful around here. However, I couldn't wait to see her and hear about her weekend.