Friday, November 14, 2008

Entrepreneur...taking a leap!

As most of you know, I'm a stay home mom. Lately, I have been thinking of ways I can contribute a bit more. My husband works very hard and I like to spend.
Watching my nieces is a start and I took one more step in earning a little extra cash.

I decided to be a Scentsy consultant myself. I love the stuff....and it sells itself!
Again, these candles are wickless and flameless candles/wax that burn in a beautiful warmer! There are many different styles to choose from that match any decor.

You can preview a catalog at

I'm really excited and hope you gals check it out! Makes for great Christmas gifts and adds to any home.
Please let me know if you would be interested in hosting a party and earning free products:)

Poop In My Hand

Kaia finishing her dinner and myself in the other room on the phone.

Kaia: Ook mama...ook!

Mom:(on the phone) Oh...! (Not really paying attention)

Kaia: Eew Mama!

Mom: (Takes it in her hand)

Kaia: Eww mama...smell. Gwoss!!!(smelling her hand)

Mom:(figures it out) GROSS KAIA....GOTTA GO!!!!! (HANGS UP PHONE)

Yes...I had two balls of poop in my hand:)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Blabbing

I have been slacking in so many areas of my life it seems. I can't believe we are almost in the middle of November. I feel like I skipped these last few weeks.

Some changes I'm adjusting to.

I began watching two of my nieces...four girls to manage in the morning! Wow, big adjustment. I love them dearly, sadly one doesn't seem to like it here too much. To her I'm just a mean Auntie!!!

Kaia is not digging the fact that she has to share. I am truly working on this.

Since I have little girls so early in the morning, the only chance I have now days to get any kind of a workout is waking up at five. Maybe that's not early to many of you, but for me it's brutal. I wake up at five, push snooze one or two times and out the door to the gym.

I'm slacking in the cleaning's never ending!

Last month, I forgot my nephews birthday(so, sorry again!)

Eating habits are horrible. I'm admitting to not knowing how to cook very well, the less ingredients, the better. If any of you have some family favorites that are healthy and easy..please share!
I need to lose about 15lbs by February....I'm going to Maui, WOO-HOO!!!! I would really like to wear a bikini.

Oh...and Jasmynn was sick again and this time on Halloween. The poor girl missed out on the Harvest Party and Trick or Treating.

I will end this randomness with a few pictures:)

One more thing....I missed one nephews already, can't miss another!

Happy Birthday Isaiah!
(tomorrow, that is)