Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just checking in:)

I'm still here... just a bit lazy with blogging the last couple weeks. However, it's been quite busy around here. I'm sometimes told I need to quit and just slow down. If you know me at all I'm a bit stubborn, so when I get something in my mind, I don't quit until it's done.

I had been contemplating repainting my purple living room to a more open and brighter color. So, last Monday I bought some paint and repainted. I finished it in two evening after the girls when to bed. I'm not completely done redecorating but I love the new look. I painted the hallways finally after living here 5 years and repainted the purple with a blue

I'll post some pictures later.

The last couple weeks there have been a few passengers boarding the birthday train......

My neice, Mallory and brother-in-law, Craig on the 17th and my sister-in-law on the 27th.

And I can't forget my "boyfriend" on the 31st.

Oh, is anyone getting snow?

Jasmynn is just waiting to play in the snow but no luck here so far. It just melts after it falls.

Who knows...maybe we'll get another snow day like yesterday. What was that all about???

Goodness, these kids never go to school anymore!

Hope all is good and have a wonderful weekend!!! (just in case I don't blog sooner than that)

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I did it...I got through my half marathon without any injuries. What an amazing feeling. I wasn't able to run the entire race, but, I knew that going into it this morning. I had three session of physical therapy this week to just get me to the finish line. This helped dramatically because a week ago I couldn't get passed the 2 mile mark.

Here are a few picture of my day.


Starting line (I was trying to get my garmin watch going)


Two mile mark


Finishing (my knees were killing me by this time)


Enjoying a cup of coffee with my friend Liz. ( She kicked my butt )


My good friend Jess rewarded me with a home cooked meal at my house. (Love her lasagna)


And to finish off the evening with more carbs...Brownies!!!

So glad I did this. Hope this is the first of many!

Thanks Liz for sharing this experience with me.

Thank you Jessica for a wonderful dinner.

Thank you mom and dad for watching the girls so that Dave could cheer me on.

Thank you Dave for many hours of sacrificed sleep so that I could train.

And most of all...God, thank you for answering my prayers and letting me finish without any injuries!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Needle In A Haystack

Lately I just have had a poor attitude. I want to get out of my slump but can't. I need a bit of encouragement.

Sometimes I feel like the "needle" in the haystack, except no one is looking for me. I love going to church. I admit it's hard to get motivated when I have to take the girls alone. I see many families walking in with their kids and their husbands. Many single moms do this I know, but I wish I had my husband to go with me. Due to his job it's just not possible at times.

Another issue I have to deal with is my oldest daughter. She hates going to Sunday School. It's nothing new. Last year she finally felt comfortable and with no complaints she went. As soon as the new school year started, so did classes. Unfortunately the girls she was playing with were moved to the higher class up. Since then it's been a nightmare to get her out of bed and ready. She's not dumb, she knows when it's Sunday and will play sick or just put up a fight the night before or the morning of.

So here I am almost in the middle of January and have not stepped into a Sunday Service since November. Has anyone noticed? Has anyone called to see if we are okay? No!!! It makes me a bit sad that I'm not or don't feel important that anyone cares.

Sorry, I don't mean to feel sorry for myself, but it's very frustrating and discouraging. The other day I was thinking about something. I've been going to the same church for five years and in that five years, our family has been invited to someones home once. Once....that's pretty sad!!! What's sadder is that family we did get together with occasionally no longer live in town. My husband and I ask ourselves, "are we that boring of people that no one wants to hang out with us". I know, I know, we can ask others over to our home, but that is sooo not me. So I'm hoping others shy away from us because they are feeling the same.

On a positive husband got a new shift that will allow us to go as a family when the time comes. Thats if I get off my butt and do something about it.

I just had to get this off my chest.

Thanks for listening.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Free? I Think Not!!!

August 1, 2007 is my first documented run. I began with a one mile 15 minute jog. I am not an athlete and never have been. Let me tell ya...that one mile took everything I had in me. So, I got through a week of jogging and thought...hmmm, I wonder if I could do two miles?. It's history from then!
I loved it and running became my new found hobby.

I was so excited about my new "free" hobby. I thought of the benefits, it's free, it's "me" time, the health benefits drove me to run more and did I mention FREE!! So, I thought.

Holy Moly... this has been an expensive drive! Let me just break it down to you real quick.

1. Garmin GPS watch- $128 (I payed this with my garage sale money)

2. Two pairs of running shoes- $155 (important to know what type of shoe will be needed, more info to come)

3. Cute running clothes- approximately $300 ( Hey, I gotta look cute out there, right?)

4. ITB Strap - $16

5. Doctors co-payments- $20 ( Yes, I have hurt myself to where I've had to get over my stubbornness and get my knee checked out)

6. Beginning next Monday, Physical Therapy- $$$??? (who knows how much I'll need)

I am signed up to do a 1/2 marathon next Sunday the 13th and not sure if I will be able accomplish this goal I set out to do four weeks ago. Last week I ran my 10 mile run and felt great and so amped that I had completed it. I had a day of rest and out I was the next morning for a five mile sprint. I didn't make it to the three mile mark, my knee had given out and had to walk the rest of my route. Oh, I was so ticked and disappointed. Stubborn me thought I could give it a few days of rest and just cross-train and then complete my scheduled 12 mile run with Liz. Poor Liz had to walk with me back home after a two mile run. My knee just couldn't take it, my run was done for the day. She and my husband convinced my to go get it checked out. Nothing damaging has been found, so, hopefully with a few physical therapy sessions next week and a few prayers, I just might be able to accomplish my race. I may come in last, but, I so want to finish!

Note: If you are thinking of picking up running in the future, I truly recommend going to Gallagher's to get fitted for the right shoe. I learned that I was an over-pronator. This requires a certain type of shoe. They did a wonderful job in helping me with this. I'm guessing that having the wrong type of shoe has something to do with my ITB Tendinitis. If I had only listened to Jessica!

Wish me luck!!!